Digital Tachograph Interoperability Laboratory

Interoperability Laboratory

Interoperability activities

Digital Tachograph Laboratory as specified by the requirement 278 of the Regulation, is the single laboratory under the authority and responsibility of the European Commission in charge to perform the Interoperability certification.

JRC Scientific and Technical report EUR 24811 EN-2011 is the interoperability test procedure developed for digital tachograph equipment as defined in Council Regulation No. 3821/85 amended by Commission Regulation 1360/2002 of 13 June 2002.

Interoperability certification is one of three certifications required for type approval of digital tachograph equipment.

The other two certifications concern functional testing, and security evaluation (See Requirement 280 of the Regulation).

The type approval process, including an exceptional procedure for the first type approvals, is contained in the Regulation.

As specified by the requirement 289, the type approval certificate shall be copied by the type approval authority to the laboratory in charge of the interoperability tests at the time of deliverance to the manufacturer.


Communications regarding Interoperability activities (Test request, new manufacturer codes...) must be addressed to:

or by mail to:

Digital Tachograph Root Certification Authority
Head of the Digital Citizen Security Unit
Joint Research Centre (TP 361)
European Commission
Via Enrico Fermi, 2749
I-21027 Ispra (VA)

Interoperability Test Request Procedure

Performance of IOT, typically follows these steps:

1. Communication of the request to:

DTLab informs of the possible schedule for the Certification activities.

2. Emission of a Service Contract:
* Official request received by DTLab
* Preparation of a quotation and draft of the Service Contract.
* Acceptation of the quotation
* Preparation of the Service Contract
* Signature of the Service Contract.

3. Reception of the specimen(s) and related documentation:
* Functional Certificate
* Security Certificate

* Requested number of specimen to be tested.

4. Testing of the specimen(s)

5. Preparation of the final report and of the IOT Certificate.

Number of specimen requested: 5 set of cards with a different personalisation / 3 Vehicle Units.

Maintenance Test on Type Approved Devices

Completing interoperability test

This procedure allows performing complete interoperability tests on Digital Tachograph devices which have been already tested in the DTLab. Devices which have already a type approval certificate.
These tests are referred to an existing Interoperability Certificate.

At test successfully completed, an attestation is delivered to confirm the validity of the Interoperability Certificate in refererence

Steps to be followed:

As above until step 4.

5. Preparation of the attestation.