Smart Tachograph

Smart Tachograph activities

Smart tachographs are the new generation of on-board mandatory digital recorders to enforce the EU legislation on professional drivers driving and resting times (social regulation). The new features make full use of advanced digital technologies such as satellite positioning, short range communication for road enforcers and interconnection with other telematics applications (such as smart parking or pay as you drive apps), through a harmonised Intelligent Transport System interface. It will allow automatic recording of start and final location of journeys and will also enable remote access to some tachograph data via wireless data transmission to control authorities.

The smart tachograph will be mandatory the 15th June 2019

On this page will be added all documents useful for the implementation of the smart tachograph legislation.


Communications regarding Interoperability activities (Test request, new manufacturer codes...) must be addressed to:

Communications regarding new ERCA policy and National policies review (request for signing certificates, test keys)) must be addressed to:

or by written to:

Digital Tachograph Root Certification Authority
Head of the Citizen and Digital Citizen Security Unit
Space Security and Migration Directorate
Joint Research Centre (TP 361)
European Commission
Via Enrico Fermi, 2749
I-21027 Ispra (VA)

Adoption of the legislation:

On 18 March 2016 the European Commission adopted legislation defining the new technical specifications for smart tachographs.

The new legislation can be found here:

Publication of seals standard EN 16882:

The standard EN 16882 "Road vehicles - Security of the mechanical seals used on tachographs - Requirements and test procedures" is yet available.

Information on the standard can be found here:,FSP_PROJECT:25,41530&cs=1135875F3C8B02705BD4131548ED1C30C

Smart Tachograph Documentation

Smart Tachograph Tecnical Specifications

Click on the following document to be downloaded:


Smart Tachograph Protection Profiles

Please follow the links to access the certified Protection Profiles on the BSI website:

Vehicle Unit Protection Profile (VU PP) v1.0

Tachograph Card Protection Profile (TC PP) v1.0

Motion Sensor Protection Profile (MS PP) v1.0

External GNSS Facility (EGF PP) v1.0

The certified Protection Profiles are also available on the Common Criteria portal at the following link, under the "Other Devices and Systems" section:

Smart Tachograph Protection Profiles on the Common Criteria portal

Smart Tachograph ERCA Policy

Click on the following document to be downloaded:

pdf European Root Certificate Policy and Symmetric Key Infrastructure Policy v0.99 - [PDF-1.71MB] - Updated by 09/02/2018

Smart Tachograph Sample Set of Keys and Certificates

Click on the following document to be downloaded:

pdf Smart Tachograph sample set of keys and certificates v1.2 - [PDF-1.2MB] - Updated by 12/04/2017

zipSamples Keys for Smart Tachograph v1.4 - [ZIP-140KB] - Updated by 13/06/2017

Smart Tachograph Keys and Certificates Generation Tool

Click on the following document to be downloaded:

pdf Manual v1.0 - [PDF-1MB]

zipGeneration Tool v1.0.0 - [ZIP-230KB]

Smart Tachograph Sample Set of CSRs, KDRs and KDMs

Click on the following document to be downloaded:

pdf Smart Tachograph sample set of CSRs, KDRs and KDMs v1.0 - [PDF-720KB] - Updated by 09/02/2018

zipCSRs, KDRs and KDMs samples v1.0 - [ZIP-81KB] - Updated by 09/02/2018