Digital Tachograph Spain Nation Codes

Spain Region Codes

List of Spain Region Codes (alpha and numeric)

These codes are defined in the Appendix I Chapter 2, Section 2.71 and 2.72.

2.71 Region Alpha
Alphabetic reference to a country shall be in accordance with the distinguishing signs used on vehicles in international traffic (United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 1968).

2.72 Region Numeric
Numerical reference to a country. The Region Alpha and Numeric codes shall be held on a list maintained on the website of the laboratory appointed to carry out interoperability testing, as set out in Requirement 278.


Any amendment or updating of the Region Alpha or Numeric specification described in the above paragraph shall only be made out after the appointed laboratory has obtained the views of type approved digital tachograph vehicle unit manufacturers.

List of Spain Region Codes

Region Region Alpha Code Region Numeric Code Comment
No information available ‘   ‘ (00)H ' '
Andalucìa AN (01)H
Aragòn AR (02)H
Asturias AST (03)H
Cantabria C (04)H
Cataluña CAT (05)H
Castilla-leòn CL (06)H
Castilla-La-Mancha CM (07)H
Valencia CV (08)H
Extremadura EXT (09)H
Galicia G (0A)H
Baleares IB (0B)H
Canarias IC (0C)H
La Rioja LR (0D)H
Madrid M (0E)H
Murcia MU (0F)H
Navarra NA (10)H
Paìs Vasco PV (11)H
Ceuta CE (12)H Only available on smart tachograph according Regulation (EU) n° 799/2016
Melilla ME (13)H Only available on smart tachograph according Regulation (EU) n° 799/2016