Audit Report Status

Reminder of the Member State Authority (MSA)

Obligations related to Audit Report Staus
(Excerpt of ERCA Policy v.2.1)

- The MSA audit shall establish whether the Requirements of this Section are being maintained.

5.3.44 - The MSA shall perform the first Audit within 12 months of the start of the operations covered by the approved policy.

When an Audit finds no evidence of non-conformity, the next Audit may be performed within 24 months.

When an Audit finds evidence of non-conformity, the next Audit shall be peformed within 12 months.

5.3.45 - The MSA shall report the results of the audit as mentioned in 5.3.43 and provide the audit report, in English, to the ERCA.

5.3.46 - The audit report shall define any corrective actions, including an implementtation schedule, required to fulfill the MSA obligations.

* The start of the audit period corresponds with the start of the MSA key ceremony, a date that ERCA does not know, after MSA Policy approval and before the first ERCA issuance for the MSA.

* The MSA audit report will specify (a posteriori) the start of the MSA key ceremony.

* An audit report has to be sent by each MSA, independently of the fact that they are sharing some common services or infrastuctures.

* The audit report requested by ERCA is different from the report that an MSA would receive from an external company. ERCA does not need to receive the detail of all audit control activities.

* If all MSA obligations have been fulfilled correctly, the MSA audit report is short, basically stating that (a) an audit has been performed,(b) the scope of the audit (what system, when it started to be operational) and (c) no breach of obligations have taken place during operation.

* In case of breach, the MSA has also to include "... any corrective actions, including an implementation schedule." In the following tables is reported the reception of these audit reports for the E.C. Member States and in the second one, for the AETR Member States.

EU Countries Audit Report Status

M.S.A. Last Report Previous Reports
Austria_flag Austria 11/2023 11/2021 12/2019
Belgium_flag Belgium 10/2021
Bulgaria_flag Bulgaria 10/2023 10/2021
Croatia_flag Croatia 06/2021 04/2019
Cyprus_flag Cyprus 11/2022
Czech Republic_flag Czech Republic
Denmark_flag Denmark
Estonia_flag Estonia 07/2021
Finland_flag Finland 06/2023 03/2023
France_flag France 11/2020
Germany_flag Germany 01/2024 03/2023 03/2022 02/2021
Greece_flag Greece 03/2022
Hungary_flag Hungary 03/2023
Ireland_flag Ireland 03/2023 05/2021
Italy_flag Italy 04/2021
Latvia_flag Latvia
Lithuania_flag Lithuania
Luxembourg_flag Luxembourg 04/2021
Malta_flag Malta 11/2020
Netherlands_flag Netherlands
Poland_flag Poland
Portugal_flag Portugal
Romania_flag Romania
Slovakia_flag Slovakia
Slovenia_flag Slovenia 01/2021 12/2019
Spain_flag Spain 07/2022 06/2020
Sweden_flag Sweden 09/2023 12/2021 06/2019

Non EU Countries Audit Report Status

S.A. Last Report Previous Reports
Albania_flag Albania
Andorra_flag Andorra
Armenia_flag Armenia
Azerbaijan_flag Azerbaijan
Belarus_flag Belarus
Bosnia Herzegovina_flag Bosnia Herzegovina
Georgia_flag Georgia
Iceland_flag Iceland
Kazakhstan_flag Kazakhstan
Kyrgyz Republic_flag Kyrgyz Republic
Liechtenstein_flag Liechtenstein 02/2024 02/2021
Moldova_flag Moldova
Monaco_flag Monaco
Montenegro_flag Montenegro
North Macedonia_flag North Macedonia
Norway_flag Norway
Russia_flag Russia
San Marino_flag San Marino
Serbia_flag Serbia
Switzerland_flag Switzerland 02/2024 02/2021
Tajikistan_flag Tajikistan
Turkey_flag Türkiye
Turkmenistan_flag Turkmenistan
Ukraine_flag Ukraine
United Kingdom_flag United Kingdom 11/2022 12/2020 06/2020
Uzbekistan_flag Uzbekistan