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The Digital Tachograph and the Smart Tachograph are recorder of the professional drivers’ activities (rest and driving hours).

It provides trustworthy information to EU enforcers controlling compliance with Social Regulation (EC) No 561/2006.

They were introduced to:

In order to fulfill these objectives the digital tachograph requires a motion sensor paired with it and smartcards which are used to control secure access to the device and its data for drivers, law enforcers, companies and workshops.

Smart tachographs are the new generation of on-board mandatory digital recorders to enforce the EU legislation on professional drivers driving and resting times (social regulation). The new features make full use of advanced digital technologies such as satellite positioning, short range communication for road enforcers and interconnection with other telematics applications (such as smart parking or pay as you drive apps), through a harmonised Intelligent Transport System interface. It will allow automatic recording of start and final location of journeys and will also enable remote access to some tachograph data via wireless data transmission to control authorities.

Increase road safety, by controlling the activity of the drivers (limiting daily driving hours)


Ensure minimum working conditions standards for professional drivers


Guarantee fair competition between EU transport companies