Field Tests

Field Test


General information

Field tests with non type approved equipment, using test keys instead of official and real keys, are feasible without threats to the overall security of the Tachograph system, and are therefore planned under the exemption of article 3 g) of regulation 561/2006.

This calls for a procedure and an agreement between the parties, namely industry, transport companies, national authorities and the Commission, to have a minimum control on those types of field tests.


3 distinct documents will constitute the written reference for these field tests:

1. Terms of Reference: Agreement – Procedure – General Conditions, to be signed by the partners

2. Annex 1: The Information Form, to be compiled by the applicants

3. Annex 2: The On-Board Field Test Passport, to be compiled by the applicants, to prove the participation to field tests in case of control

Documents and forms to be downloaded and fulfilled:

pdf ToR, Information Form and Field Test Passport - [PDF-548KB] - Updated by 13/03/2024