European Root Certification Authority for the Smart Tachograph (ERCA-ST)


Rules of the Joint Research Centre

All applications to ERCA and any correspondence related to the designation of National Authorities shall be sent directly to the official contact at Ispra.

This notification applies to all Member States, EFTA and the other Countries having concluded an agreement with the Commission.

From June 14, 2018 the ERCA Policy v1.0 is in force.

About ERCA

General information

The main ERCA deliverables are the Member State Authority [MSA] policy review and the Key generation.

During an ERCA signing session, countries receive the symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys for use by their Member State Authority.
ERCA is operational and provides signing session, on average, twice a month.

The public keys are then published in this web site:

Public Key Certificates - Smart Tachograph

Participation to ERCA signing session must be addressed to:

Please find here after the address of Digital Tachograph responsible in Ispra:

Digital Tachograph Root Certification Authority
Head of the Cyber & Digital Citizens' Security Unit
Directorate E
Joint Research Centre (TP 580)
European Commission
Via Enrico Fermi, 2749
I-21027 Ispra (VA)

NB: Next signing sessions are reported in the news section of the Digital Tachograph homepage.

NB2: ERCA-DT and ERCA-ST signing sessions are held the same day, ERCA-DT during the morning and ERCA-ST during the afternoon.

Member State trusted Couriers

*Their visit of must be possibly announced at Secretariat of ERCA, at least one week in advance, in way of carrying out all administrative arrangements (hotel, transport, entry on JRC site).

*Generally, a session start at 14:00 and closed at around 18:00.

*It is suggested to arrive in the early morning or the night before and to take a return flight the next day.

*Request files must be compliant with the formats required in the correspondent ERCA-ST Policy document.

Validation by Member State Contact Person

*Instructed on his/her duty/responsibility (Hash code verification – sha-1)

*Availability of the Member State / National Contact Person: reachable at/through the phone number(s) provided during the MSA Identification stage.

Before to participate to the ERCA signing session check if ERCA is in possess of the correct data regarding the contact person.