Seal Manufacturer Codes

List of the assigned codes

The seal manufacturer code as defined in the Annex 1C chapter 5.3 Sealing, is the code identifying a manufacturer of certified seals according to the standard EN 16882.

The Laboratory competent for Interoperabilty tests maintains and publishes the list of seal manufacturer codes on its web site (Requirement 401 of Annex 1C).



NB. The requested seal manufacturer code will be inserted as soon we have received a copy of the corresponding certificate.

NB. It's not allowed for a workshop to place a seal from a manufacturer after its revocation date.

NB. As the seal shall be replaced every two years, it's not allowed to find seal from a revocated manufacturer two years after the revocation date.

List of Seal Manufacturer Codes

Assignment Value Date Assignment Date Revocation
Royal Pack RP 18/05/2018
Precintia Seguridad (formerly Precintia International) PR 29/06/2018
Unisto AG UN 07/07/2018
Bednorz GmbH BP 10/07/2018
Dilogics Europa S.L. DL 27/06/2019
Acme Seals Ltd AS 23/09/2019