Nation Codes

List of Nation Codes (alpha and numeric)

These codes are defined in the Appendix I of the regulations EU 1360/2002 and EU799/2016.

Nation Alpha
Alphabetic reference to a country shall be in accordance with the distinguishing signs used on vehicles in international traffic (United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 1968).

Nation Numeric
Numerical reference to a country. The Nation Alpha and Numeric codes shall be held on a list maintained on the website of the laboratory appointed to carry out interoperability testing.


Any amendment or updating of the Nation Alpha or Numeric specification described in the above paragraph shall only be made out after the appointed laboratory has obtained the views of type approved digital tachograph vehicle unit manufacturers.

List of Nation Codes

Country Nation Alpha Code Nation Numeric Code Comment
No information available ‘   ‘ (00)H  
Albania Albania AL (02)H  
Andorra Andorra AND (03)H  
Armenia Armenia ARM (04)H  
Austria Austria A (01)H  
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan AZ (05)H  
Belarus Belarus BY (09)H  
Belgium Belgium B (06)H  
Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia Herzegovina BIH (08)H  
Bulgaria Bulgaria BG (07)H  
Croatia Croatia HR (19)H  
Cyprus Cyprus CY (0B)H  
Czech Republic Czech Republic CZ (0C)H  
Denmark Denmark DK (0E)H  
Estonia Estonia EST (10)H  
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands FR (14)H No longer in use since 1996. – Replaced by FO.
Finland Finland FIN (12)H  
France France F (11)H  
Georgia Georgia GE (16)H  
Germany Germany D (0D)H  
Greece Greece GR (17)H  
Hungary Hungary H (18)H  
Iceland Iceland IS (1C)H  
Ireland Ireland IRL (1B)H  
Italy Italy I (1A)H  
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan KZ (1D)H  
Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republic KG (38)H  
Latvia Latvia LV (20)H  
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein FL (13)H  
Lithuania Lithuania LT (1F)H  
Luxembourg Luxembourg L (1E)H  
Malta Malta M (21)H  
Moldova Moldova MD (23)H  
Monaco Monaco MC (22)H  
Montenegro Montenegro MNE (34)H New nation not reported on (EC) 1360/2002 Appendix 1.
Netherlands Netherlands NL (26)H  
North Macedonia North Macedonia MK (24)H  
Norway Norway N (25)H  
Poland Poland PL (28)H  
Portugal Portugal P (27)H  
Romania Romania RO (29)H  
Russia Russia RUS (2B)H  
San Marino San Marino RSM (2A)H  
Serbia Serbia SRB (35)H New nation not reported on (EC) 1360/2002 Appendix 1.
Slovakia Slovakia SK (2D)H  
Slovenia Slovenia SLO (2E)H  
Spain Spain E (0F)H  
Sweden Sweden S (2C)H  
Switzerland Switzerland CH (0A)H  
Tajikistan Tajikistan TJ (37)H  
Turkey Türkiye TR (30)H  
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan TM (2F)H  
Ukraine Ukraine UA (31)H  
United Kingdom United Kingdom UK (15)H Assigned by ISO-3166 and UN Convention on Road Traffic.
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan UZ (36)H New nation not reported on (EC) 1360/2002 Appendix 1.
Vatican City Vatican City V (32)H  
  Yugoslavia YU (33)H Code no longer in use since 2003.
  Reserved for Future Use RFU (39..FC)H
  European Community EC (FD)H
  Rest of Europe EUR (FE)H
  Rest of the World WLD (FF)H